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The Gnosis Project: Who, What, Where and How

A Quick Guide to the Gnosis Project The best place to start if you are new to the Gnosis Project. This will give you a quick idea of everything there is to find on the web-site.

The Music of Gnosis What kind of music do we focus on anyway?

Donate & Other Assistance Interested in contributing? There are many ways that you can help the Gnosis Project: Financially, becoming a rater, other volunteer activities, research, and ...

F.A.Q. Details about most aspects of the Gnosis Project.

Suggest a Title Request a title to be added and rated on Gnosis.

Terms & Abbreviations Country Codes, stylistic indicators & physical indicators.

Gnosis Project Raters Detailed information about each rater. View their ratings sorted from highest to lowest and biographical information including geographical location, hobbies, turn-ons and answers from Bachelor #3.

Statistics Statistics for each rater and the Gnosis database in general.

Genre Guide A detailed description of the varied landscape that makes up progressive and experimental music. A tome that Eco would be proud of.

The Reissue Wish List A selected group of Gnosis albums that still haven't been issued on CD.

Contact Us Contact anyone involved with the Gnosis Project.

Yahoo Groups Newsletter Join an email list for announcements, notifications and other surprises from the Gnosis Project.

Ratings Table Guide A detailed description/map for all the data fields displayed on the screen for album ratings.

Staff Some roles fulfilled besides rating albums.

Legal Notice Copyright, Faustian pact, etc.