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There are several ways that you can contribute to Gnosis:

In the past, Gnosis has been funded totally by the webmaster. Situations are different now, and donations are needed. If you have found the site useful to you and would like to show your appreciation, feel free to throw some money our way. To contribute online with a credit-card through Paypal or your Paypal-balance. (you do not need to have a Paypal account to pay with your credit-card), please click the button below. Contributors will be listed unless instructed otherwise. Please indicate this in the comments section when sending payment.
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If you would like to send a check, money-order, or cash, please contact the Gnosis Directors via our Contact Page and we will email you our mailing address.
Gnosis has many album entries for which we do not know the year of release or the country that the artist is from. If you know any of these or if you feel inclined to help us by researching them, fill in the appropriate information and send it to us. We ask that you do not use any singular source for your information (especially AMG), unless it is the original release or some other definitive source.

Unknown pieces of data

Gnosis is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in rating albums on this site. This position is of course on a volunteer basis, and a considerable amount of time would be involved initially. Interested applicants would be individuals who are sincerely interested in promoting music as fine art, have an above average working knowledge of current releases and trends related to the general interest of progressive music enthusiasts, have a familiarity with, and an ability to rate (using Gnosis Guidelines) in excess of 2,000 titles (preferably), possess a willingness to work with the staff of Gnosis to help further the world's knowledge of this art form through the medium of the Gnosis web site, as well as having a broad and varied knowledge and interest in multiple areas and genres within the scope of this art form. Anyone interested in learning more about this, as well as various other ways to help support the Gnosis project, please contact the Gnosis Directors via our at Contact Page