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Gnosis Staff

Bozos in Charge

Tom Hayes (Project Creator / Dictator)
Dirk Evans (Project Webmaster / Mad Scientist)
Mike McLatchey (Project Creator / Lurks in the Shadows Amongst Us)

Site Liaisons/Friends of Gnosis

Peter Thelen (Exposť and charter Gnosis member)
Fred Trafton (GEPR / Keeper of the Genres Dissertation by Sir Mike M.)
Mike Prete (Progweed)

Contributors to Gnosis are always appreciated (especially $ugar Daddies). One need not rate to assist the Gnosis team. So if you're interested, please visit the Contribution page or send an inquiry to the Gnosis Directors if you would like to send a contribution by mail.

Special Thanks to:

Artwork - Mike Prete, Piotr Dubiel, Cesar Montesano, Mac Beaulieu
Jestersaurus - Mac Beaulieu (Editor/Narrator)

Updated Sep. 24, 2005