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The Gnosis Project Music

So, exactly, what music does the Gnosis Project focus on? Initially the site began with Progressive Rock being the central cog around which its wheels revolved. However, even in the early days of the project, the definition of what was accepted included the avant-garde/experimental/underground ethic. We grew quickly to include albums with a similar outlook such as independent hard rock, avant jazz, psychedelic techno, unusual folk, death metal, etc....

Progressive, experimental, adventurous, innovative, mind-expanding, psychedelic, cosmic, iconoclastic, groundbreaking, hybrid - these are a number of adjectives that describe the music covered by the Gnosis Project. However, like music that continually changes and ignores boundaries, so do we. The directors believe it is in the vested interests of this site to continue to be open-minded, tolerant, and expansive.

In conclusion, the Gnosis Project is no longer exclusively a "prog rock" or "symphonic rock" site although it is inclusive of these musical styles. It may even be the preferencial music type of many of our members as the genre breeds the type of ethic that the Gnosis Project adheres to.

The Gnosis Project is a site where the exploration of new music is paramount, and thus we feel that hard and fast rules should generally be thrown to the wind.

If the reader has any questions about this document, please contact the Gnosis Project Directors via our Contact Page