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Jeff Nintzel
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Homepages: n/a
Geographical location: Richardson, TX, USA
Other contact information: cell phone: 972-768-7777
work: 469-201-6620
DOB: 02/02/59
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities: Heavy Metal, Symphonic, Traditional, Space, Flamenco
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above: technical rock, technical metal, fusion: ie: Dixie Dregs, Watchtower, Spastic Inc, Al Di Meola, Fents, Stretch
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists These are in no particular order: Anglagard, Happy The Man, Dixie Dregs (Steve Morse), Gentle Giant, Yes, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Gryphon, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd (esp. Echoes & Animals), U.K., Bruford, David Sancious, Jean luc Ponty, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mark O'Connor, Dave Grisman, Earthrise, England (Garden Shed), Kayak, Starcastle (1st), FM (Black Noise), Colosseum II, Blue Oyster Cult, Museo Rosenbach, Baletto Di Bronzo, PFM, Banco, Biglietto Per L'inferno, Metallica, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Skyclad, Fate's Warning, Savatage (1st 4), Iron Maiden, Psychotic Waltz, Coroner, Watchtower, Realm, Rage, Moonspell, Black Jester, Camel, Asia Minor, Crucis, Mia, Cathedral, Yezda Urfa, Babylon, Neuschwanstein, Ivory, Sirius (both Japanese and German), Mirror, Avalanche, Al Di Meola, Kansas, Loreena McKennitt, Mellow Candle, Hoelderlin's Traume, Iceberg, Mezquita, Atilla (Reviure), Crack (Spain), White Willow, Solaris, Santana, RTF, Delirium (Canada), Anekdoten, Kenso, Lisker, Gotic, Arachnoid, Shylock, Pulsar, Artcane, King Crimson, Latte E Miele, Minimum Vital (1st 3 releases), Nuova Era, Piedi Nudi, Ozric Tentacles, Medina Azahara, Clearlight, Cosmic Debris (USA), Tangerine Dream (Cloudburst Flight!!, Thief, etc.), Neuronium, Windchase, Locanda Della Fate, QVL, Cherry Five, Finch, Trettoria Kriget, Polyphony, Quill, RDM, RRR, Arti & Mestieri, Ruphus (1st two), Semiramis, Brand X, Rush, (I also love nitty gritty rock n roll like Deep Purple, Grand Funk, UFO, Black Sabbath, Blackwater Park, Bloodrock, Bull Angus, Captain Beyond, Disciples Of Love, Kopperfield, Granicus, Birth Control, Orange Peel, and 2066 And Then.. I know, the latter 2 definitely have progressive elements) Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Berlin, Stu Hamm, Mark King (of Level 42), Tony MacAlpine, Ottmar Liebert, Strunz & Farah, Huacaltia, Yep, Depeche Mode and The Cure make it to my list... I think I need a few more pages...
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities: Improvisational, Humor, Noise/Industrial/Urban, Musique-concret, Blues
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like: I don't like music that's too loose, noisy, zaney, concrete, RIO, minimalistic. I said I really like technical music, but even too much technicality is a bad thing for me. Some technical music starts feeling cold and emotionless. I think one of the things that attracts me about progressive rock is that it can cross all these boundaries. I like a little of each of these qualities in some music. I LOVE melodies that melt my soul... give me goose bumps. I really love music that has those melodies mixed in with playfully intricate, tightly woven, parts.
Occupation(s): programmer/analyst, 2nd line support for a Decision Systems helpdesk, and software educator for MBNA bank.
Other musical activities: not too active at this time, but I've played flute for 25+ years and bass on and off for 15. Been in a few rock and progressive rock bands, but mostly jam with my turntable!
Hobbies / obsessions: other than music, I love disc golf. I play tournaments in advanced amateur division and have been involved with the sport since 1989 or so. I also love mountain biking and racquetball. I like scuba diving, roller blading, and miss motorcycle riding on and off road. I collect old golf discs and Hotwheels. I love hiking, exploring, talking to people, and trying exotic foods. My friends at work call me "Foodboy" and disc golf buddies call me "Buffy, the buffet slayer".
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