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Karel Hupjé
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I sell some records and CD's thru my own homepage. From the 70's till 1990 I was I huge Pink Floyd fan and collector. Somewhere early 1990 I realised I didn't like their music anymore, I even started disliking it. Untill that moment I was just buying everything by Pink Floyd I could find, hundreds and hundreds of records/cd's were in my collection. But at the end I never listened to their music anymore. I started selling my collection at once. The remains are on my site, as are some rare prog LP's and CD's.
Geographical location:
Heiloo, The Netherlands
Other contact information:
June 28th, 1960
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities:
Canterbury, Difficult, Jazz, RIO, Zeuhl
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above:
Dumb mainstream music, although I like some of the more adventurous mainstream music. But I don't buy it as CD.
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists
Frank Pahl and all the projects he is/was involved in, including Only A Mother and Scavenger Quartet. Frank's music is highly underrated. It deserves a much larger audience.
Besides Amy Denio, Ululating Mummies, 5UU's, Thinking Plague, U Totem, Pascal Comelade, Magma, Krozier and the Generator, Mice Parade, Ulan Bator, Albert Marcoeur, Offering, Jaga Jazzist, Eider Stellaire, Die Knödel, Guapo, The Necks, Simon Steensland, 'l Ensemble Rayé, Eskaton, Anekdoten, Robert Wyatt, One Shot, Frank Zappa, Van Der Graaf Generator, Tipographica, Christian Vander, Lars Hollmer; Debile Menthol, David Thomas and the 2 Pale Boys, Present
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities:
Electronic, Kosmiche or Kraut Rock, Heavy Metal, Keltia, Noise/Industrial/Urban, Musique Concrčte, Symphonic, Traditional, Blues, Flamenco, New Age
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like:
I absolutely dislike Symphonic, especially Dutch symphonic. Just horrible
I work at one of the leading Dutch educational publishing houses.
Other musical activities:
Hobbies / obsessions:
Being coach of my sons soccerteam on Saturday.
Exploring new musical territories.
Other comments: