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Ron Kane
aka Okonomiyakiya
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I write about music at: The Ron Kane Files
Geographical location:
Los Angeles, California, USA
Other contact information:
I'm the guy @ PCC (Pasadena City College) swap meet wearing a black hat and looking at the $1 records
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities:
Ambient, Beat, Canterbury, Difficult, Electronic, Kosmiche or Kraut Rock, Humor, Noise/Industrial/Urban, Mainstream/Accessible/Pop, Musique Concrète, Space, Psychedelic
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above:
Pre-modern music/recordings, The Harmonicats, Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders, bad instrumental 45's, French pop music, Italian pop music, Dutch artists, Japanese 'Shibuya-kei' artists, New Zealand artists, L.A.F.M.S. ETC.
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists
Frank Zappa, Hermeto Pascoal, Trevor Wishart, Thomas Diethelm, Ivor Cutler, Supersister, Lard Free/Urban Sax, Marc Hollander, Hideki Kaji, Mute Beat, Toshio Nakanishi, Fane Flaws, Phil Judd, Orchid Spangiafora, Roland Bocquet, Faust (before 1974), Lucio Battisti, Pete Brown, Peter Blegvad, John Greaves, Lavvi Ebbel, Yello, Monochrome Set, Scritti Politti, A Certain Ratio...really difficult to sit here and just pull names out of thin air...probably I'll think of more, but that will mean having to update this thing again...
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities:
Keltia, Traditional, Flamenco, New Age, Zeuhl, Theatrical
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like:
I did a lot of progressive rock 'in real time' - it was almost all that I listened to for most of the 1970's; some stuff got played to death: Kraftwerk + Magma, for instance. Both of those groups 'lost' me after years of fandom. For me, progressive rock is time-locked in 1968 - 1978. I always regarded "Suspiria" by Goblin as the book-mark for the 'end' of that wave of progressive rock. Of course there has been great prog rock made since '78...but I was not it's intended audience.
"Clerical" DJ; clerical = I work in an office :: I like to DJ in public, in and around Los Angeles.
Other musical activities:
I used to have a band called The Decayes, so I refuse to rate those records in Gnosis. There is only 1 legit Decayes CD, "horNetZ", and it can be bought from the guy who paid to make the CD of it - on gemm.com ; I write about music, and have for many years. I recently recorded again as "kHz", after a almost 20 year break. In the 80's, I was starting to produce my friend's bands - and I made a sampler LP of them, around '86 or so - "Music From Earth". I also worked informally with Dread Zeppelin (I made some announcements on one of their albums). I wrote the liner notes for the 2nd Watermelon album, "Out Of Body Experience" in 1997.
Hobbies / obsessions:
I collect phonograph records. I used to 'collect' music videos - but that got out of hand, and I lost interest in it. I love to travel - Tokyo is a wonderful place (and an especially wonderful place for progressive rock!). I love the artwork of Bridget Riley (and I have Faust to thank for re-introducing me to her work on the rear cover of "The Faust Tapes" original LP). I love to talk about food, and Gnosis seems to be a more reasonable place than chowhound.com! I learned how to read a while back, and I enjoy the works of Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Barry Humphries, Ed Sanders, Richard Farina...
Other comments:
I have collected records for over 35 years, and am an old friend of Gnosis member Jim Hresko. It's a lot of fun to rate records in Gnosis! I love the number-crunching! Bring on the Modified Mean!

Does humor belong in music? I can hold my breath underwater for 4 and 1/2 minutes. Art is not a mirror - it is a hammer. Spend it like money, it is money.