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Joseph Fischer
aka The Crippled Clown
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Geographical location: Bothell, WA, USA
Other contact information:
DOB: Jan. 5, 1965
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities: Canterbury, Difficult, Electronic, Folk, Kosmiche or Kraut Rock, Heavy Metal, Improvisational, Jazz, Keltia, Humor, RIO, Mainstream/Accessible/Pop, Symphonic, Space, Psychedelic, Zeuhl, Theatrical
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above: 70's Hard Rock, Some Grunge, Some Alternative
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists Jethro Tull, Ange, PFM, Genesis, Zappa, Peter Hammill, Crucis, Semiramis, Ash Ra Temple, Flaming Lips, Blue Oyster Cult, King Crimson, Bondage Fruit, Magma, Dun, Devil Doll, NeBeLNeST, Anekdoten, Tempano, Malicorne, Embryo, Guru Guru, England, Yes, Area, Deus Ex Machina, Le Orme, Banco, Museo Rosenbach, Pulsar, Festa Mobile, Wurtemberg, Wallenstein, Amon Duul 2, Mezquita, Samla Mammas Manna, Kultivator, Ars Nova, Tipographica, Ruins, Rush, Dzyan, Miles Davis, MIA, Kenso, Arachnoid, Present, Fantasy, Black Sabbath, Van Der Graff Generator, Popol Vuh, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Nathan Mahl, Grobschnitt, Gnidrolog, Raw Material, 5uu's, Thinking Plauge, Hamster Theater, Happy The Man, DFA, Il Balletto Di Bronzo, RDM, Il Volo, Shylock, etc... etc...
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities:
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like: Rap, 80's Glam Rock
Occupation(s): Manager of Industrial painting operation within a large equipment manufacturer
Other musical activities: Musician, Guitarist/Composer for Chalkline Dogs, Neon Rain, Damascus, Silas Bent, Paris Green
Hobbies / obsessions: Music, Music, music, basketball, college football, micro beers, reading, concerts, and did I mention music?
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