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James Beaudreau
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Geographical location:
New York, NY
Other contact information:
Enjoy these Styles and musical qualities:
Beat, Canterbury, Improvisational, Jazz, Symphonic, Psychedelic
Other styles/genres/qualities of music that I like not listed above:
I like jazz-rock a lot, particularly the late 60s -- mid 70s heyday. I also love great guitar playing, regardless of genre or style.
Favorite or well-respected bands/artists
Joe Henderson, Yes, Andrew Hill, Captain Beefheart, Ornette Coleman, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Bill Dixon, Faust, Grateful Dead, King Crimson, Bob Drake, Soft Machine, Cecil Taylor, Kenny Dorham, Frank Zappa/Mothers (early stuff).
Dislike these Styles and musical qualities:
Musical styles or qualities that I do not like:
Other musical activities:
I play guitar and bass and have written music reviews for various magazines and websites.
Hobbies / obsessions:
Other comments: