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Gnosis Radio
What is it? Gnosis Radio is a weekly 2-hour program of far-out tunes selected from the personal collections of various Gnostics including Mike Thaxton (current Gnosis Radio director), Alex Siufy & Dirk Evans. The scope and style of music that you will hear on the program is as diverse as the Gnosis database itself. Most of the time there is a theme to the show, and other times it may simply be a free-form selection of excellent songs.
When is it? The show premieres each Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST. Subsequent repeats are the same week on Thursday at 2:00 PM EST.
Requests Send your requests for songs, artists, styles, themes or anything else that we might be able to do via the Contact Page
How do I
Visit Aural Moon at one of the scheduled times for Gnosis Radio and Listen! If you are new to streaming internet radio, click on the Help link at Aural Moon which will give you instructions on how to get set-up if you are not already.
Playlists Coming soon...