Tom Hayes 4-Sep-2006 Logos

Debut album by one of the most revered of the avant-garde electronic artists of the 1970s. As original LPs, Wakhevitch’s albums are near impossible to find (especially the early ones). Fortunately there exists a 6 CD box, titled “Donc…” containing the majority of his work, though I suspect that this too will one day be a rarity. “Logos”, from 1970, is closer in spirit to modern classical, in the genre of “serious” electronic music, with extensive use of eerie choirs, machines, violins and percussion (which can get intense in that Pink Floyd ‘Saucerful of Secrets’ way). All of this dark seriousness leads to the album’s climax, the brilliant seven minute ‘Danse Sacral’, as performed by the French psych band Triangle. On it’s own, the rock instrumental song is pretty average, but in this context the impact is severe and engaging. Igor, what an enfant terrible . One can just see Wakhevitch at a party near the Sorbonne, with red scarf wrapped around neck, joined by Pierre Henry, Terry Riley, Ralph Lundsten and other avant composers of the day, martinis in hand, gorgeous girls in black and white modernist dresses, heavy mascara de rigueur . Makes one want to dump a can of paint on the canvas and call it “Le Bleu”. Time to eat - Croque Monsieur anyone?

Sjef Oellers 21-March-2001 Docteur Faust

On Docteur Faust you will hear a very eclectic approach to music. Strange electronic effects, choir-like vocal arrangements, snippets of orchestral music, and rock music are combined with fragments of musique-concrete like the voice of (most likely) the pope, and on top the sound of a whip, a spoken voice reciting over weird electronic sounds, gun fire, a neighing horse, etc. A strange, but fascinating album.

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