Sjef Oellers 23-March-2001 Pukapok

Volapük is centered around drummer Guigou Chenevier, former member of the RIO pioneers Etron Fou Leloublan. This album features recordings made during a tour through Poland in 1998 and 1999. The band is a trio with the unusual line up of drums, cello, and saxophone/clarinet. Bass guitar, vocals, and electronics are occasionally heard as well. The music will probably appeal to people who like the bands from the RIO scene and avant-garde music in general. Several tracks like the nine-minute "Two-Three-Four" sound very free and minimal, almost improvised. "Le Feu du Tigre" is a quirky piece with great bass clarinet playing. "La Vals Chinoise" is a beautiful, melancholic waltz, again with great clarinet playing. A good and varied album, but possibly not the best place to start with this band as the music here is more demanding than on their previous albums.

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