Eddie Lascu 12-May-2008 Starlight Origin

Uttu is the project of finish multi-instrumentalist Uttu Aavas. He plays an arsenal of instruments, among them being guitars, flutes, various keyboard instruments and percussion of all sorts (a complete list of the instruments can be found on the project’s official website – go check it out, the list is impressive). There are several tracks that incorporate vocals, the performances belonging to Uttu himself and to Luisa Dovelo, Ninni and L. Jay. The music was composed in 2003 and then recorded between 2004 and 2006.

“Starlight Origin” is an album that can easily be categorized as Ambient music with shades of New Age and World Music Fusion. The songs are very mellow, laid-back, almost sounding as if they each try to promote a different musical concept. We get to hear elements of electronic music (the intro into track 4, “Mycelium” sounds like a Tangerine Dream track), space rock, the above mentioned world music fusion (the extensive use of flutes on the first track sends my mind back in time to when I got to know Enigma) and progressive ambient (Mike Oldfield being perhaps a similar act). The vocals are mostly wordless laments, moans and sighs, but we do occasionally hear some lyrics (last track, “Sunday Dreamin’”), some of them sung by a male who we guess is Uttu, since he too is credited in the liner notes as contributing vocal parts. Dovelo’s voice, when featured, is very warm and mysterious, adding to the spacey ambience. The world ethno flavours are audible throughout the entire record, being mostly emphasized by regional instruments such as Indian Riaz flute, Celtic Wooden Whistle, African Djembe and Nepalian Bells.

This album is an interesting experience even for listeners like myself, who are not E.M. fanatics. Excellent music for yoga, meditation and relaxation, for watching the starry night through your telescope or even as a background for a quiet dinner with your friends.

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