Sjef Oellers 7-April-2001 overview

Triangle were a four- or five-piece band from France with mostly (double) guitar, bass, drums and keyboards instrumentation. Some violin and orchestration can be found irregularly. Triangle released three albums in the late 60's and early 70's which probably fall in the proto-progressive category. Generally they make guitar-dominated rock with slightly above average rhythmic complexities and changes in tempo in melody. They do veer off in various directions: psych, folk rock, classic guitar rock, touches of glam rock, proto prog, some nice and some less nice (i.e. schmaltzy) ballads, etc. Most tracks follow a traditional song format. On several tracks a distinct influence from early 70's (psychedelic) funk is present like on "La Route Infernale" with under-cooled, funky vocals, acid guitar riffs and a great rhythmic groove below. On all albums, they sometimes get off-track with romantic, far too schmaltzy pop-muzak with over the top orchestration. Overall, the best comparison would be bands like Traffic and Family or the French band Martin Circus. With such a large variety of styles essayed on their albums, it will be difficult to like everything they did. Nevertheless, there is a lot of great material to be found on their albums. Their complete output has been released as a 4CD box by Magic records.

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