Tom Hayes 18-Oct-2006 Morning Lights

One of the most debated topics in chat rooms and posting boards is “what is progressive rock?”. Unless you stick to the literal dictionary version of the word “progressive”, one answer you can now give is Trespass’ “Morning Lights”. Simply put, Israel’s 2006 contribution to proggy prog are all about old fashioned, 1970s styled keyboard trio compositions with classical overtones, just the way bands like Trace, ELP, Rare Bird, The Nice, Metamorfosi, etc… did 30 years ago. The playing is crisp, the array of keyboards is a nice mix of analog (organ overload) and digital, the tracks are long (including 12 and 21 minute epics) with plenty of theme and meter changes. And beautiful cover art of a sleeping Zeus on Mount Olympus with his toy Tonka fire engine (very cute). Not much reason to banter on here. By now, you should’ve made up your mind on if this album is for you. For those who need an analogy, let’s put it this way: You love to eat, and are always looking for something new. So the roast rabbit in the mushroom lime sauce sounds cutting edge, hip and trendy. But, darn, if a double cheeseburger doesn’t sound better! Pass the fries….

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