Eddie Lascu 24-April-2008 We Live Together

T-Bo is the project of Belgian drummer Philippe Laloux. The album “We Stay Together” was recorded in loving memory of his son, Thibaut, who was killed in 2003, at the age of 19 by a drunk driver. Because Thibault, seriously involved in music as a DJ and a guitar player himself, liked his father’s music, he encouraged Philippe to sit down and record an album. The T-Bo project was finalized to celebrate Thibaut’s life, his friendly persona, his dreams and aspirations.

With this introduction you know to expect a very melancholic, meditative and dreamy album. You wouldn’t be too far off. After all, what can be worse than for a parent to see his child gone just as he or she was about to take off in life? There are 14 instrumental tracks, clocking over 70 minutes played by Laloux and gests. Laloux is credited with the drums and percussion (he is a drummer by trade) but also acoustic guitar. However, he gets help from close friends, most notable being Jean Quoilin (saxophone), David Epis (guitars), Louise Bourgois (bamboo flute), Pierre Gillet (flute) and Hughes Gillard (keyboards and trumpet).

All the songs are Laloux compositions and one would expect some rhythm in the songs written by a drummer, even when the theme is so emotional and personal. Well, there are several songs that adventure into more dynamic territory, led by splendid electric guitar solos (take “Tears in the Rain” or “Parallel Directions” for example), but the majority of them are infused with a melodic serenity. The most predominant soloing instruments are the flutes, the sax and the trumpet. There are songs where we get to hear them together in some kind of dialog, almost evoking the talk between father and son. The flute especially is present on virtually every song and that reminds me of mellow Focus or Camel, with its atmospheric and pastoral sound. I don’t know about others, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for music with flute. It simply melts my soul.

“Love is Everything”, “See You Later”, “Sending Love” and “Love and Energy” are just a few of the tracks on “We Stay Together” but they are enough to indicate the sources of inspiration. This record is as much a declaration of love as it is a kind way of saying goodbye.

If you decide to experience this album, keep an open mind. Try to think more about love and almost nothing about death. See it as a celebration of beauty all around us. Over a glass of good red wine, it can be a pleasant background on a romantic evening.

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