Tom Hayes 18-Oct-2006 Minuit Ville

Synopsis were part of the second wave of French groups who were heavily indebted to the bands Ange, Atoll and Mona Lisa, complete with their unique brand of Rock Francaise. Synopsis does not disappoint the perceived expectation: Creative compositions, impassioned French vocals, primitive synthesizers / organs, decent guitar work and a barebones minimum rhythm section that holds it together. There’s a wonderful naïve quality about these French groups (others include Grime, Orion, Nuance, Trefle and Oniris) who appeared on the scene in the late 1970s. All were a day late and a Franc short, so they needed to produce and release their own product as the major label’s had moved on to greener pastures. The long track rock epic had already seen it’s commercial heyday, and there was no going back by the time these lads were ready to roll the tape. So yes, more time in the studio with an experienced engineer, with access to some better musical equipment (those cheap polyphonic Moogs are tough to digest) would probably have go a long way to making “Minuit Ville” a more pleasurable experience. The material is strong enough to hold its own though, and fans of the genre (like moi) will definitely want to seek this one out. No doubt due to the experience they picked up on this recording, their follow-up “Gamme” is considerably better. That’s for another review…

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