Sjef Oellers 3-Mar-2001 Green Eyed God

Steel Mill is an obscure English band that released only one album of fairly heavy rock with a few progressive touches. Musically, Steel Mill has similarities to bands such as Blodwyn Pig, Golden Earring, the Free, Fleetwood Mac, and the heavier side of early Jade Warrior. The album features great aggressive guitar playing, good vocals, and some wild pounding drumming. The longer tracks include extended instrumental sections for guitar, sax, and flute. For example, the ten-minute title track is rather typical for the music heard on the album: it starts with dreamy flute playing and a thumping drum. Slowly, guitar and vocals are added. Here they sound very much like Fleetwood Mac at the time that Peter Green was in the band. After a few minutes a heavy guitar riff sets in (think of early 70's heavy Golden Earring) and next a scorching lead guitar solo follows. A long section with guitar and saxophone riffing follows. The track ends with a coda for flute and drums. Altogether, I found Green Eyed God a pleasant album. It's worth checking out if you like this particular type of heavy guitar rock.

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