Bogdan Corai 27-Dec-2006 The World at Mindís End

I first listened to this a few years ago. It was in a middle of a lively conversation and, after the music has been playing for a couple of minutes, everyone switched their attention to the turntable and the sounds that were coming out. SUPERB! The best way to describe this is progressive fusion rock. An all instrumental affair with songs in the 7 minute range played with the highest energy Iíve ever seen. These guys never let up: soloing after soloing, each time with a different instrument taking the stage. There is violin, flute, guitar, keys and the usual bass guitar and drums. Itís instrumental progressive rock, but it does not sound like Camel, itís fusion, but itís not like Mahavishnu or Return to Forever. Itís aggressive (in a good way) with constant time changes and high, high energy. It doesnít take too long for these guys to get in high gear: as soon as the needle hits the wax, they are up and running and with maximum speed. Only available as an (expensive) piece of vinyl, this one screams to be re-issued on CD.

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