Alan Mallery 18-Jan-2001 The Color of Space

Singularity is a four-piece American band from Boulder, Colorado. Right away you'll notice an influence from Rush in the guitar playing and vocals. But they are no mere clones, as the sound is rounded out by plenty of lush keyboards and thoughtful drumming. Singularity don't try to be the most revolutionary band on the planet, but instead write thoughtful, moving songs with honesty. When listening to each of the songs on their debut The Color of Space, the emotion comes through in the songs, with the carefully constructed melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Musically the closest comparison I could say is Rush's Grace Under Pressure, with keyboards taking from Mark Kelly's melodic approach. Songs range from shorter concise numbers such as the upbeat "Ripple In Time" and the somber ballad "Who We Are," to the epic "Lenses," a 15-minute-plus piece of varying sections and moods. This ends the album on a high note, and I am very much look forward to future releases by them.

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