Eric Lumbleau 22-June-2003 Organ Transplants Vol. 2

With its terminally absurd graphics, all the external trappings suggest another installment of unchecked lunacy from these blithering Brits. On more than half the tracks here though, S, H & W's previous penchant for giddy, jittery, light-speed kitsch pastiche has given way to unexpectedly fluid grooves that slither through your speaker cones like lubricated slinkys. They're now occupying roughly the same space-time continuum as the bay area mavens of deformed lounge sounds in Tipsy, only this isn't just tipsy, it's positively punch-drunk.

Nevertheless, it's a move that should pay heavy dividends for them outside the fold of Dadaist devotees. This is not to suggest that they've abandoned their hyperkinetic bricolage of yore. Tracks like "Hairy Globe," with its game show organ vamps and intricately choreographed loops of gasps and raspberries and Jellywand, with its clipped clusters of zoinks and blurps clearly demonstrate a band on intimate terms with Alfred Jarry's pataphysical notion of locating the numinous in the nonsensical. Even during their most outlandish moments here though, the emphasis still seems more skewed toward creating subtly entwined surrealist configurations rather than sheer slapstick annihilation. A sly treat from a stellar outfit.

(Originally published in Alternative Press #148, p.130; reprinted by permission)

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