Mike McLatchey 10-August-2002 Synthetik 1

Perhaps an early Konrad Schnitzler album in disguise? From all the random oscillations, squirly modular synth spirals and strange spacious effects, one could easily see this 1973 experimental electronics album as one tape in Schnitzler's vast catalog of studio trickery. There are nine tracks here of cold inhuman synthetics, and where one ends and another begins can only be ascertained by sheer persistence. Like Schnitzler, there are moments of quieter reflection, the sort of music one might find in a 60s B-movie sci-fi flick, where studio musicians reflect the vastness of space with proto-modulars and theremin tweaking. Not a melody to be found in sight, although there are plenty of abstract visions of sattelite orbitals, distant supernovas, radar pings, alien spacecraft and the like. Overall, it's kind of a neat album, especially considering most of Schnitzler's experiments that are similar were recorded later (a strong example is 1988's Constellations). But, considering its rarity, it's unlikely to be anything more than a serious collector's item for the abstractly inclined.

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