Sjef Oellers 11-Mar-2001 Subject Esq.

Subject Esq. were a German band from the early 70s. The music is rather typical early 70s proto-prog with elements of Jethro Tull (for the flute-guitar interplay), early Yes, and the occasional saxophone riffs remind of early Van der Graaf Generator. There are some spacier and/or symphonic parts that recall Nektar, Genesis (around Trespass), and maybe early Eloy. The fifth track, "Mammon", is in the 12 minute range with long instrumental passages. It is more in the jazz rock mode, reminding of Soft Machine and even more of the German band Brainstorm. The vocal arrangements are more sixties styled (a bit like Moody Blues), and are to my ears often out of place with the music played. It is probably needless to say that the band never reaches the musical level of the bands mentioned above, but nevertheless, this a pleasant and decent debut, if a bit uneven in quality and lacking direction at times. The band continued under the new name Sahara after this album.

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