Sjef Oellers 7-April-2001 Weiss der Teufel

On their first album, Weiss der Teufel, Ruphus Zuphall show very obviously that bands like Jethro Tull (the first two albums) and Blodwyn Pig were their sources of inspiration. Enjoyable stuff, but this album seriously lacks in originality.

Sjef Oellers 7-April-2001 Phallobst

Phallobst is the second and last (officially released) album by Ruphus Zuphall. Emphasis is on guitar/flute interplay, but I am not reminded of Jethro Tull as much as on their first album. The more rocking tracks remind me of the Thoughts album by the German band Virus. There are a few quiet folky parts that sound more like Bert Jansch/John Renbourn. Vocals are sparse and sound like a cross between Bert Jansch and Ian Anderson. The music is not overtly complex or sophisticated, but the music remains interesting throughout the album. A nice album with some cool guitar playing.

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