Mike McLatchey 18-Oct-2006 Pre-Flight

In an era where female vocalist-led bands tended towards folk rock like Fotheringay or Fairport Convention, Room were somewhat of an anomaly, creating a surprising progressive rock almost like a cross between Brainchild and Catapilla. Room's music was exquisitely rich, with the presence of brass and string sections (and it is the distinct presence of brass that reminds me so much of Brainchild's Healing of the Lunatic Owl). Room certainly come from the blues school, as is evident by songs like "Where Did I Go Wrong" and "Big John Blues" although these jazzy numbers seem almost contradictory to the elaborate music sharing the vinyl with them. And these pieces, such as the long, two-part title track, "Andromeda" and the two-part "Cemetery Junction" are really what the album is all about, yet another further example of how fertile the British music scene was at the beginning of the 70s. The combination of this bluesy, "proto-prog" style with dual guitars and large symphonic sections could only have been a product of the time. While it is not 100 percent successful, there are certainly enough wondrous moments here to make this a worthy purchase, especially for those fond of the psychedelic/progressive cusp.

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