Henry Schneider    16-April-2001 Phoenix

Rebekka - "Phoenix" (Musea FGBG 4083.AR, 1982/1993, CD)

Phoenix was the first release by the German band Rebekka whose brand of progressive music featured tablas and tamboura besides the standard guitar, flute, sax, keyboards, bass, and percussion. This Musea reissue includes the entire 1982 debut LP plus the track "Lotos" that was originally earmarked for inclusion but dropped due to its length. Of the seven tracks on this CD, four are beautifully sung by Marion Weldert. Marion's soaring soprano exhibits the influence of Renaissance's Annie Haslam. The remaining three instrumental tracks anticipate the influence of world music on progressive rock. But it isn't until "Lotos" that you hear the eastern influence. These 12 minutes of progressive cosmic raga are alone worth the price of the CD. Phoenix is quite a varied release but is sure to please fans of bands such as Renaissance, Rousseau, and, marginally, Popol Vuh.

(Originally published in Exposť #3, p.15)

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