Mike McLatchey 28-April-2001 Ra Can Row

Predating the space-rock revival by several years is US quartet Ra Can Row. The group plays an improvisationally based rock akin to groups like Mars Everywhere or Djam Karet with lots of effects and guitar trickery. Although Paul Haneberg plays mellotrons and minimoogs, he is relegated to the background for the most part, and the concentration is on the guitar-bass-drums line up of Rick Biszantz, Don Schott and Steven Sailor as if this was somewhere later in the lineage of Jimi Hendrix, Guru Guru et al. While Ra Can Row aren't quite as wigged out as those trios could be, there are still elements driven by effects, where the guitar will become a background wind or a minimoog a storm of noise. The album has four tracks which musically range from these near-ambient moments to more typical, rambling group improvisations. These latter parts remind me a bit of Djam Karet improvs (think No Commercial Potential) and have the occasional serendipitous moment when the group locks in. An interesting, although not particularly spectacular, album.

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