Sjef Oellers 11-April-2001 Pescado Rabioso 2

Pescado Rabioso is an Argentine rock band from the 70's with both progressive and psychedelic elements. The band has a basic rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, piano/organ and drums. Their style is very similar to Almendra or Invisible. The first half of the double album concentrates on two- to four-minute (hard) rock songs and a few acoustic ballads. Vocals are at times a bit harsh, but overall passable. Some shy, progressive touches can be heard on the opening bars of "Viajero Naciendo". The second half of the album contains several longer tracks which allow the band to extend a bit more on instrumental interplay. Still, this is mainly slightly surreal, psychedelic hard rock, about halfway between Humble Pie and the Master's Apprentices. An average album that lacks enough good material to make the whole double album interesting.

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