Sjef Oellers 24-Feb-2001 Raccolta Completa

Perdio is an obscure 70's Italian band, whose recordings are collected on the CD Raccolta Completa. The CD contains two long tracks from 1976 and four tracks from 1973. The first track from 1976 starts with a mesmerizing, piercing organ tone which sounds rather similar to Xhol. Some vocal "chanting" sets in. After two-three minutes the rhythm section comes in, where the drummer does some pleasantly active playing. A bit later a guitar solo comes in. If I did not know at this point they were Italian, I would have said that they were some obscure, spacey Krautrock band. Most of the track continues with loose, but cool guitar and organ soloing. Influences from Soft Machine seem to be present as well. The second track opens with a nice, melancholic vocal part in a much more typical 70's Italian progressive style, but after about 1 1/2 minutes a spacey organ solo sets in. A bit later the guitar joins again and they are off again to Krautrocky jamming territory. At the end, the vocal part returns once more. The vocals are fine to my ears. On the following tracks from 1973, the keyboards are very dominant (almost no guitar). The music is still spacey, but much closer to typical 70's Italian symphonic rock. The Krautrock feel has disappeared. These 1973 tracks remind me especially of a less talented, but more spacey version of the trio version of Le Orme. Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, and Genesis may have been other sources of inspiration. This album is far from a long lost Italian classic, but still it is very pleasant. The music gets a bit samey at times. Shortening the tracks would probably have been more effective. The compositions are not always good enough to be extended to 7 minutes or more (It seems that these were unfinished, not completely worked out and/or non-edited demo tracks ). The sound quality is fine except for annoying hiss on the vocals on some of the 1973 tracks. Altogether I found this an enjoyable album.

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