Eddie Lascu 14-January-2007 Pedal Giant Animals

Pedal Giant Animals is a project led by Stan Whitaker (guitar, bass, vocals and percussion) and Frank Wyatt (keyboards, saxes, flute and backing vocals), both founding members of Happy the Man. This detail is not essential because from the first notes of the first song the connection is evident. The duo gets help from Chris Mack (drums and percussion) on 9 tracks and from Peter Princiotto (bass) on 3 tracks.

The album has a little bit for everyone. You get instrumental tracks ("Chapter Seven" & "The Mists of Babylon" - just love the subtle middle eastern influence on this one), love ballads ("Love", "Whole" & "Blue Sun"), jazzy songs ("Turning my Head", where Whitaker synthesizes the sound of his guitar in a very Metheny-way) in a mix of electric and acoustic tracks, some of them with vocals. This not being the project of a full-blown band, my impression is that the music doesn't have the coherence and complexity of a Happy the Man album, but the CD is bound to like to every fan of the band, me included. The magic is still there, it just needs a little spark here and there. The duo of Whitaker/Wyatt still carries some punch and they are not afraid to use it.

The album has 11 tracks, clocking in at 53:11. It was written, produced and arranged by Wyatt/Whitaker and was self released in 2006.

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