Tom Hayes 15-Jul-2006 Futurity and Human Depressions

Osiris were one of the very few metal bands from the late 1980’s and early 90’s to attempt what is known as “Technical Metal”, a highly complex form of heavy metal that was more or less “invented” by Watchtower in the mid 80’s. This very obscure release is impossible to find now and I only picked it up originally as it was mentioned in the same breath with early Sieges Even circa Life Cycle and Watchtower in an old Metal Forces magazine review. All the trademarks of the style are here: Loud thrashy guitars, turn-on-a-dime rhythms, high pitched vocals and nary a melody to be found. And it is this last trait that most affects the outcome of Osiris’s album. One web reviewer stated that it sounds like Osiris are playing complex music just to be complex. And I would say that’s about right. It’s also fairly one-dimensional. The guitar playing isn’t particularly crisp either, a somewhat sloppy run through. All the same, one has to admire the sheer audacity to try to muddle through these hyper-complex compositions – most between 6 and 9 minutes. This is the kind of album that I can appreciate more on some days than others – and I suspect anyone into very complicated music will feel the same. Definitely worth a listen – an album I’m likely to hold onto for the long haul.

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