Sjef Oellers 17-Jan-2001 Zapara / Toomze / Do Doo Doo

Ole Lukkoye is a relatively new band from Russia that tries merge droning space rock and ethnic music from the Middle East/Central Asia. The resulting sound comes across like a mix of Ozric Tentacles/Korai Orom and the "neo-ethnic" US band Azigza. The vocals are usually "with an Eastern vibe," a rather droning, reciting way of singing is used. All albums show a strong presence of percussion, airy synth lines and a rather darkish atmosphere. Most tracks have a great long-drawn groove.

Their first three full length albums Zapara, Toomze and Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) all sound quite similar. Zapara sounds slightly more reflective than the others to me. Some tracks remind me of the related band Samkha. Toomze sounds a bit like a transitional album towards a more aggressive, electric sound. More (ethnic) instruments are featured this time. Toomze also features keyboard-programmed horns, which don't work that well in my opinion. A good album, but possibly their straightest album. Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) is for me their best. The overall sound is still the same, but the whole album sounds more spirited than the other two. All albums are worth hearing, but I would recommend starting with Do Doo Doo (Remedy for a Dwarf) and work your way back, if you like what you hear.

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