Sjef Oellers 30-March-2001 Hecho en Casa, Volume 2 (aka Ceramica)

The first album by Grupo Nuevo Mexico, Hecho en Casa is a pretty cool album of guitar/flute-led progressive rock. Their sound lies somewhere between early Jethro Tull, Ruphus Zuphall and Out of Focus. The Argentine band Contraluz is a good reference point as well. Most interesting is the 12 minute track "Sinfonia de rock", which reveals some classicist influences and is mostly a vehicle for extended flute solos. A few of the shorter tracks have some nice fuzz guitar solos, but the nine-minute "Despues de la Muerte" is another vehicle for long flute flights. It is one of the most flute-drenched albums I have heard so far; not exceptional, but a nice album.

Their second album, Ceramica, was a major letdown. Basically you hear a different band on this album. A handful of tracks such as "La Radio Commercial" and "Los Tempos Cambian" sound like decent, but average Grand Funk Railroad rockers. However, most of the album is of poor quality. Several tracks have (pseudo?) strings and they are used to disastrous effect. The result is very cheesy middle-of-the-road rock. Other tracks are just nondescript, average rock songs. A very disappointing album.

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