Sjef Oellers 3-Mar-2001 Neu!

The first track, "Hallogallo," is lead by repetitive drums and spacey, mutated guitar. The diverse sounds extracted from the guitar actually make it sound more like a synthesizer. Strange, trancey music. The second track really is cosmic trance music, which basically seem washes of sound without melody or rhythmic structures at all. Some parts of Pink Floyd's Saucerful of Secrets could be a reference point. The second track slips into the third called "Weissensee," which has a lazy drum groove and spacey (wah wah) guitar on top. Mesmerizing. The second half of the album initially continues in the hypnotic, space territory, but then "Negativland" sets in: a pre-industrial, noisy piece with a guitar sounding like a chain saw and underneath an infectious, mechanical groove. A fantastic track. The album's end is comparably a sweet, atmospheric piece with some vocal mumbling. Although not all music on the album is brilliant, this debut from 1972! has several classic "must hear" tracks. Way ahead of their time.

Sjef Oellers 3-Mar-2001 2

I found this second album by Neu! a big disappointment compared to their debut. The mysterious, experimental atmosphere of their debut has disappeared. Despite a wealth of studio tricks and tape manipulations, the music is much straighter and less involving. A rather uninspired album in my opinion, where only sporadically great music can be heard.

Sjef Oellers 3-Mar-2001 Neu 75

The band sounds more inspired here than on 2. Basically this album is a continuation of their other two albums: almost mechanical percussive music where the guitar has undergone all kinds of sonic manipulations, but this time Neu! sounds rather sterile and only occasionally really interesting. Some parts sound like proto new wave or proto punk, others go in a dreamy new age direction. Not bad, but the first Neu! is definitively the album to own.

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