Tom Hayes 18-Oct-2006 Profiles

Itís easy to see why this is somewhat of a ďHoly GrailĒ piece for rare psych/garage collectors, that easily attracts 4 figure sums at the digital auction houses. Recorded in the basement of Blackburn College, in Carlinville, Illinois (halfway between Springfield and St. Louis), this 1968 relic was pressed in a quantity of approximately 100, and sold at local gigs or given away to friends. So itís an authentic rarity in terms of supply. For aesthetics, it once again holds serve for fans of the style. Thereís the ancient organ (probably a Vox Continental), jangly guitar, shoddy production and charming songs - if not overly simplistic without any lasting quality. The music itself wouldnít be considered edgy for 1965, much less 1968, but itís fun to imagine this playing in the background while looking for avocado green dishwashers at the local appliance and TV shack in conservative Midwest nowhere land. So, right, this is strictly a niche play and not recommended for those who arenít already turned onto to that scene. Good to hear, but not much else to lean on here.

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