Sjef Oellers 14-April-2001 A Path Through Haze

A Path Through Haze is an almost completely instrumental album, where heavy psychedelic acid guitar rock and Canterbury jazz rock are combined. Strangely these two possibly contradictory styles are integrated quite well. Besides great psychedelic guitar playing, other instruments include flute, sax, drums, bass, and keyboards (mainly moog, organ, and electric piano). Basically the keyboards provide the Canterbury feel, while the guitar playing adds the acid rock vibe. The first three tracks sound a bit like Canterbury jazz rock (maybe like Isotope or Zyma), but always with great acid guitar soloing on top. Several tracks on the second half of the album are much heavier, sounding like Guru Guru or Jimi Hendrix playinging some of the more free jazz tracks from Soft Machine 4. The result is great. There are two quiet tracks as well, one with a string quartet. Overall, a quite original and creative album.

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