Greg Northrup    22-August-2002 Recuerdos De Mi Tierra

This album utterly rules. Breakneck keyboard playing, blinding guitar and a perfectly executed rhythm section will blow you away from the beginning. The band incorporates ethnic Spanish influences into the music, and the madness is perfectly wound around tight melodic themes with Arabic and flamenco textures. Occasionally a flitting Spanish acoustic guitar will come dancing into the mix along with extraordinary vocals that are reminiscent of a Spanish street balladeer, but without coming off as cheesy. The singer sings in an addictive ethnic tone and has some wonderful vocal intonations which add to an extremely emotional performance. The whizzing Moog and chugging guitar are built around exotic melodies that build into dramatic finales. Everything is energetic, powerful, melodic and infectious. There is absolutely no filler on the album, resulting in a 35-minute platter of pure unadulterated prog perfection.

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