Sjef Oellers 25-Feb-2001 Metropolis

The German band project Metropolis released one album in 1974. The album is remarkably different from other krautrock bands, and their music is more easily linked to English bands of the late 60's/early 70's and the American West Coast scene. Vocals are prominent, but the vocal arrangements are interesting and varied: dual male/female vocals in the Jefferson Airplane style, angry vocals like Peter Hammill, and even Flo and Eddie-like silliness (on "Superplasticclub"). The music is very diverse as well. There are elements of West Coast psych, brass rock, early Van der Graaf Generator, and the English proto-prog scene (Cressida, Moody Blues, Skin Alley, Greatest Show on Earth). There are also passages of organ-driven jazzy soul, a bit reminiscent of Brian Auger with Julie Driscol, and a few acoustic sections for flute and acoustic guitar. A minor classic of the 70's German progressive scene.

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