Mike McLatchey 17-September-2002 Legendes (aka Le Match)

Le Match belong to the sizable group of Canadian 70s artists who performed a melodic rock style that holds much in common with both folk and symphonic rock music. One can detect a distinct similarity with that of Malicorne's more rocking material at times, in that Le Match drew from the folk pool for part of their sound, augmented by the inclusion of violin. Of course 1974 was the same year as the first Malicorne, so it would be more accurate to say that both bands drew influences from the same traditions. Much of this is generally of the troubadour tradition in that several of the rockified songs here seem to be of the folkloric storytelling ilk. Make no mistake, Le Match was a rock group and one that generally used the full band at all times, but it also seems like their musical inspiration was antique at heart, similar to bands like the Horslips or Tempest. Le Match even quote some classical music, for instance, with an organ riff copped straight from "Hall of the Mountain King." Generally this is a pretty straight record, a Quebecois folk rock album at heart which often means it's a melodic rock album with hints of folk as it does here. While it might hold some similarities in instrumentation (such as the Hammond organ and flutes) with concurrent progressive rock groups of the time, its intent was quite a bit different. The effort is genuinely pulled off, but there isn't a lot here in terms of exciting and groundbreaking material.

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