Tom Hayes 20-Aug-2006 Boys Night Out

Who knows how many private press heavy metal albums are out there, yet to be discovered? I found this one on per chance while scrounging in a Greenville, South Carolina record store circa 1992. Five years prior, a local group from nearby Spartanburg had unleashed onto a non-existent buying public the dubiously titled “Boys Night Out”. This is private release heaven for collectors – black cover; messy back liner notes with misspellings (dedicated to dead friends with uncertain birth dates and thanks to live ones with names like Ronnie “Smash & Grab” Johnson); the blood red label with writing in a pseudo-Gothic font. Musically “Boys Night Out” is the 1980s spectrum of heavy metal. A thrashy opening, the hair metal title track, mid paced Judas Priest style rockers (with occasional Halford-esque shrieks), and lengthy tracks on side 2 that speak of a progressive nature with plenty of meter and theme changes (the two part “The Witching Hour” clocks over 9 minutes with followup “Yellow Star” going over seven). All contain great guitar solos, which was a hallmark of the era (and something that suddenly disappeared from the current metal landscape). And, maybe best of all, the ancient sounding synthesizer which is at complete odds with the rest of the instrumentation. It’s just this kind of explorative inquisitiveness that makes these kind of garage outings so endearing.

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