Tom Hayes 18-Jul-2006 (3 albums)

The Mackrosoft - First Mack to the Moon (ep). 2003.
The Mackrosoft - The Dawning of the Aja Aquarius. 2005.
Aja West & Cheeba - Flash & Snowball. 2005.

Hailing from Mercer Island, a Seattle area suburb, The Mackrosoft naturally found a band name that would be the yang to the worldís most famous software company headquartered just a few miles away. If the word "hipster" means anything to you, then The Mackrosoft are going to scratch that itch. These guys are all about retro-hipness. Big fat "ill" and "dope" drum beats lay the foundation for all sorts of analog key melodies played primarily on Moog synthesizers and Rhodes electric piano. But Iím down with it all, since this isnít electronica in the standard sense. No, this is 70ís funk music updated to modern tastes. So you can dance to it or chill out with a lemon drop martini. Best of all, this is a full band effort with a horn section and traditional rock instruments. While opening salvo First Mack to the Moon seemed to be more of a one trick pony, it was nice to see the progression on their latest offering The Dawning of the Aja Aquarius. Here the variety of styles are much appreciated especially given the patented interpretation these guys are known for. Itís a tad short though running just over 30 minutes. The Aja West & Cheeba album (actual brothers) is stripped down in personnel, but not in instruments and sound. Named after their 2 cats when growing up. Ya know itís "sick" right?

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