Sjef Oellers 14-July-2001 L'Eliogabalo

L'Eliogabalo is a somewhat forgotten album released in Italy in the late 70s. Undeservedly so as it is one of the more interesting Italian progressive albums from the era. The overall impression is that of a mellow progressive singer/songwriter album with links to Pierrot Lunaire (the first album), Franco Mario Giannini or Alan Sorrenti. Some parts of the album recall I Giganti's Terra in la Bocca, i.e. lots of vocal arrangements with a folky progressive background and classicist influences running through. The album contains two long tracks (11 and 15 min) and two medium long tracks (5 and 8 min.), attempting to mix elements from folk, rock, classical music, progressive and popular music infused with the typical Italian lyricism and sophistication. The vocals have a tendency to become quite dramatic resulting in a rather theatrical atmosphere, especially towards the end of the album where it pretty much sounds like a rock opera. An interesting album, definitely worth a listen.

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