Sjef Oellers 13-April-2001 overveiw

Living Life rarely gets any attention in discussions on Italian prog. One reason may be that they don’t fit in the classic tradition of lyrical symphonic progressive rock as immortalized by Banco, PFM, Le Orme, etc. In addition, their two albums were recorded in the late seventies and early eighties, when progressive music was exiled to the underground. Nevertheless, both their albums are worth investigating if you like spacey fusion. On their first album, Let: From Experience to Experience, the musical style is mostly jazz rock with an experimental edge, all instrumental except for a few vocals on track 2. The first two tracks are conventional fluid jazz rock tracks. The first track sounds similar to Perigeo or Release Music Orchestra, and features a nice flute solo. The third track, "Time", is more experimental with emphasis on percussion, reminding vaguely of Aktuala. The fourth track, "From Marokko", starts with a short free jazz segment and then grooves into an incredible jazz rock track, more or less in Sun Ra's or Aktuala's style. Later on it develops more of a rock feeling similar to Duello Madre (another obscure, but great Italian jazz rock band). All in all a killer track! A quiet, short jazzy ballad follows and the last track, "Straight Down", starts out with a melodic piano line and some spacey synth in a Soft Machine mode, around "4" or "5". The presence of electric guitar reminds me of Duello Madre again as well. Great, varied jazz rock album.

Their second album, Mysterious Dream, is an odd mix of space progressive, electronic music, fusion and even some classical influences (on “Oldeurope”). The first two tracks have somewhat of a Krautrock vibe with whirling synths, a strong space rock feel and austere vocals. On the 11 minute title track they sound not unlike Mythos mixed with Gong and St. Tropez. The vocals could have been better, but they should not scare anyone away. The other three tracks are more fusion oriented, closer to Release Music Orchestra or even Perigeo. Good album.

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