Mike McLatchey 25-August-2001 Uranography - Live at the Nice Observatory

Uranography was Lightwave's first live CD, recorded at the Nice Observatory on November 14, 1993. It did not gain even reasonable distribution in the United States, which was a shame after their widely distributed Hearts of Space titles, and remains rather obscure without a little tracking effort. While early Lightwave, from the cassettes to Nachtmusick, was largely concerned with an almost Germanic 70s electronic feel despite the forays into musique-concret and heavy sampling, their progression throughout the 90s moved them into more distinctly individual electronic territories. It is not like they lost the modulars, but more that the duo's maturity has brought them into a more original sound, leaving behind their influences as only a shadow of the past. Lightwave are the kings of nocturnal noises - the creaky door, the fleeting, wailing banshee, the shockingly loud bump in the night, the random modular bleeps. It's all abstract and impressionist, a colorful blending of spooky bubbling-ups in twilight grottos and the mysteries of deep space as the heavenly bodies become personified as sound. In the band's career, they have yet to produce anything but top quality experimentation. Uranography is no different, maybe not quite as exciting as their masterpiece Nachtmusik or the amazing Mundus Subterraneus, but a quality set of aural mindscapes nonetheless.

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