Mike McLatchey    2-April-2001 Heartquake, Bee Yourself

Leviathan's music is a second-generation neo-progressive influenced by Marillion and Genesis, although with a much more mainstream focus. Why Musea chose to reissue Heartquake (Musea FGBG 4090.AR) is far beyond me as this treads really close to Tears For Fears, Simple Minds, or other groups you could have heard on 80's MTV, yet with many neo-prog clichés and lackluster instrumental sections that never quite satisfy. This sounds very similar to the legendary Swiss neo band Deyss, which is enough said.

Bee Yourself (Contempo 154, CD), despite the cheesy name and cover, is a step up from Heartquake and a much more pleasant affair. The music still holds too many late Genesis, Marillion, Pendragon and Pallas stylings for my taste and the first side only gets interesting when the vocalist shuts up. The side-long title track is their best work to date but when you think about it, it pales to similar works due to the reliance on mainstream and predictable song structures.

(originally reviewed as part of The New Italian Progressive Rock Scene (part 1), Exposé #3, p. 8, Edited for Gnosis 3/27/01)

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