Sjef Oellers 18-March-2001 Lagger Blues Machine

Lagger Blues Machine were a Belgian band from the late 60's/early 70's that played something like progressive jazz rock. Their sound is a bit difficult to classify, but Soft Machine (although "rockier"), Eiliff and Moving Gelatine Plates could serve as reference points. The tracks are usually in the 7-15 minute range with a strong emphasis on instrumental interplay. Vocals are rare and not very good. Just like with the Moving Gelatine Plates, instrumental interplay between sax/flute, keyboards and guitar is preferred to long solos for one instrument only. Although not as sophisticated or brilliant as Soft Machine's Third or Moving Gelatine Plates, Lagger Blues Machine's progressive jazz rock (i.e. rock fusion) is one of my favorite albums in this style.

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