Sjef Oellers 10-Mar-2001 Düde Dürst - Krokodil Solo

The Düde Dürst album is a solo project by the Krokodil drummer. The album contains two long tracks. The album features typical German rock fusion of the era (Ibliss, Kollektiv, Os Mundi, Niagara, Out of Focus, etc.), but unsurprisingly turns out to be very percussion oriented. Some of the percussion-dominated sections (especially on the first track) get rather tedious as they are much too repetitive and not that original. The second track has a lot of percussive "action" as well, but it is mostly embedded in the harmonic and melodic presence of other instruments which works much better. The album has a few good moments, but unfortunately there are too much dull stretches. So, overall a fairly disappointing album.

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