Sjef Oellers 3-Mar-2001 Le Bal du Rat Mort

A very eclectic French underground album. It starts off with a perverted, avant-garde waltz and after, they take you on a rollercoaster of styles. A dazzling collage of seemingly contradicting musical forms comes along. Among them are Soft Machine-styled jazz rock, chamber rock, French chanson, gypsy music, a touch of Zappa, folky parts and psychedelic acid-rock. Despite the experimental, uncompromising atmosphere, the concept in its entirety works excellently, in my opinion. The concept of the album as a whole is probably best compared to the early Mothers of Invention albums, although Zappa's collage style was infused with different musical influences (no Varese, doo-wop or free jazz influences on Komintern's album). The diversity of styles and the occasional goofiness may get on some people's nerves, but I think that Le Bal du Rat Mort is an excellent and unique album.

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