Mike McLatchey    20-Jan-2001 Kestrel

Here's another mid-70's British prog rock album in the vein of Fruupp, Spring, Fantasy, etc. This is where the music gets a bit too ordinary for my tastes, although there are some mind-numbing mellotron blasts on here that will probably hook even the most fleeting tron admirer. Some good guitar work also graces the album, but sometimes the melodies are a bit too catchy for my liking. Not only is this a rare record from its time, but the Japanese CD reissue of the early 90's is also long out of print. Fans of the symphonic pop-rock that began with the Moody Blues will undoubtedly want a look at this piece, although I find it a more mundane example of the genre.

(Originally published in Exposť #1, p. 10, Edited for Gnosis 1/19/01)

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