Eric Lumbleau 15-August-2002 Alomoni 1985

This late 70s Japanese outfit (don't be mislead by the title) is an alltogether psychotic proposition, quite capable of inducing frontal lobe fatigue in those lacking a hardy constitution. Great monolithic slabs of damaged, half speed Beefheartian swamp dirge replete with squawking overblown mouthharp collide with undulating waves of seismically shuddering Throbbing Gristle-esque electronic distortion, as they stridently trudge across your mind's eye, rasping against your neuroreceptors, chafing your viscera and eroding your sanity in one fail swoop. Sifting through the sooty sediment of Karuna Khyall's volatile squalls is not a task for the aesthetically squeamish, but for those with an ear for the outre, this indispensable and deeply satisfying foray into the outer reaches of sound is perched near the nadir of radical innovation and is imminently deserving of your immediate and undivided attention.

(Originally published in Alternative Press #133, p.68; reprinted with permission)

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